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Smileyman! Day by day, he's Stanley Miles, a mild mannered recycling magnate: Chief Executive Officer of SMILECO. But when evil rears its unsmiling head, Smileyman flies to the rescue in the Smileymobile! Assisted by his cyber-savvy girlfriend R00D G1R1(tm), his chemically enhanced flying dog Loftzoe(tm), and the financial backing of his Great Grandfather's Estate, Smileyman fights crime in the Big City. His arch-nemesis, the Evil Dr. Frownie(tm), seeks to destroy him and to break his awesome powers of Smileyness. Will he succeed? Time will tell!

And now, Smileyman #1 and the first three Smileyman Origins!

The Original SmileyMan Comic #1 Smileyman Origins Comic #1 Smileyman Origins Comic #2 Smileyman Origins Comic #2